Shockwave Therapy Cures Patient after Suffering Severe Pain in Feet

45-year-old full-time carer from Bankside London Rosemary Smith started feeling shooting pains through her feet, which she thought it had to do with long periods of standing. About eight months later her pain spread to her right foot. Rosemary later Read More

PIP Fusion System Introduced for Joint Arthrodesis

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation is introducing the Integra IPP-ON PIP Fusion System designed to fix proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthrodesis.  This system is designed to be used in the lesser toes for rigid or semi-rigid hammertoe deformity, correction of failed Read More

Health Woes Continue As Derek Jeter Recovers From a Broken Ankle

The 38-year-old Yankees shortstop was seen sporting an ankle brace and a slightly fuller figure on Thursday at a south Beach, Miami hotel. Jeter’s broken ankle has given him one more extra problem to worry about as limited mobility has Read More

Giants’ Cornerback Prince Amukamara Hopes to Return Soon after Foot Injury

Giants’ cornerback Prince Amukamara hoped to return to the games soon after his preseason foot injury. Amukamara sustained a high-ankle-sprain during the preseason and was unable to play in the game against the Dallas Cowboys in season opener. “Of course, Read More

British Women Wear Heels Despite Foot Pain

  Jill Foster of the Daily Mail, spoke with three British women regarding their relationship with high heels.  Of the three women, two developed bunions on their feet, while the other had an arthritic toe and needed surgery.  Two of Read More

Heidi Klum Danced in Heels with Broken Toes

Supermodel Heidi Klum continued to dance away with pain and a broken toe while filming a new fashion commercial for the apparel brand line Jordache. Klum suffered the injury earlier this summer, but that didn’t stop her from shooting a Read More

Heel Pain Shown to be One of the Most Disabling Foot Conditions in America

According to Gloucester Times, an online news publication, heel pain is “one of the most disabling foot conditions routinely seen by clinicians in orthopedic clinics across the country and can be a real challenge to deal with if not done Read More